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Gypsy moth contingency plan

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This contingency plan provides background information on the pest biology and available control measures to assist with preparedness for an incursion into Australia of gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar).

The taxonomy of the gypsy moth is complex, with recent developments identifying two
subspecies, L. dispar dispar and L. dispar japonica, of which only L. dispar dispar is covered in this plan. Further, within L. dispar dispar there are two strains: Asian and European gypsy moth. Unless otherwise stated, the term gypsy moth refers to both.
The plan provides guidelines and options for steps to be considered and undertaken when developing a response plan to this pest, which must follow procedures as set out in PLANTPLAN and be endorsed by the National Management Group prior to implementation.
This contingency plan was developed for the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia, and therefore focuses on production nurseries covered by this association.

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Author(s): Plant Health Australia and Nursery and Garden Industry Australia

Published: 1 December, 2009

Date added: 21 March, 2024