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Annual Diagnosticians’ Workshop 2021

The tenth Annual Diagnosticians’ Workshop (ADW) for members of the National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostics Network (NPBDN) will be held online on 5 and 6 October 2021.

The ADW2021 theme is 'Diagnostics in a climate of change'. One clear change context we will explore is Covid-19 – how has the pandemic changed your workplace? What are the challenges, what strategies and technologies have helped in overcoming obstacles? Another context is climate variability - how has diagnostics and your understanding of plant pests changed with climatic variation and extension of geographic/host ranges? We’d also like to discuss other topics that generally (or creatively) fit into the theme of ‘a climate of change’.

The ADW provides the opportunity for participants to formally and informally meet and network with their peers, exchange tips and techniques, share knowledge and find out what other diagnosticians are doing and experiencing in their jobs.

The ADW is open to all National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Network (NPBDN) members.  For more information please contact the NPBDN Coordinator (