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Northern Australia Food Futures Conference 2021

The Northern Australia Food Futures Conference is Australia’s leading conference on agricultural development in the North.

When: 1-4 March 2021

Where: Darwin, Northern Territory


Held in Darwin, Northern Territory, the program features over 50 national and international speakers, workshops, farm visits and technical sessions on cotton, grains, horticulture, fodder, forestry and niche crops. Hosted by the NT Farmers Association, the Conference will have a strong focus on development and the environment, as well as discussions set to identify investment opportunities in agribusiness.

The agricultural development opportunities that exist in Northern Australia are diverse and extensive, with the region boasting 43% of Australia’s land mass, over 50% of Australia’s available irrigation water and 1.4 million ha of arable soils.

Food Futures is designed to lead the way towards maximising the development of northern agriculture, led by a combination of industry, government agencies and politicians, with targeted conversations on how public and private sectors can work together to successfully develop agriculture in the north.

Now in its 4th year, the biennial Food Futures Conference attracts the leaders in Australian agriculture, with strong participation and support from industry organisations such as the National Farmers Federation, Cotton Australia, Grains Research and Development Corporation, Hort Innovation, Agrifutures Australia, and CSIRO and is well supported by the 3 northern Governments of Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland.

Food Futures 2021 again brings a down to earth view, led by NT Farmers Association and ORDCo of WA, by farmers who have succeeded in the north. The program includes high level plenary sessions, open forum discussion sessions, property visits, and technical sessions on cotton, grains, horticulture, fodder, forestry and niche crops.The 2021 Northern Australia Food Futures will include:

  • over 50 speakers.
  • 6 Ministers from NT, WA, Qld, and federal politics.
  • 250 participants with over 50% from private sector.
  • Strong financial support from key public and private organisations.
  • Successful farmers from WA, NT and Qld as speakers.
  • Indigenous and environment components.