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Webinar: So You think You Know SIT?

Join the National Fruit Fly Council for a webinar on the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) for fruit fly. The webinar will include sessions on the SITPlus Qfly program (about the program, reasons to use SIT, and the achievements and future of the program), SIT research and Medfly SIT in Western Australia (the experience in Carnarvon, technical aspects of SIT, and the proposed use of SIT in the current Qfly incursion).


  • Welcome and overview of session - Christina Cook (Manager of the National Fruit Fly Council)
  • SITplus program (Queensland fruit fly) - Dan Ryan (SITplus Program Director)
  • SIT research (Queensland fruit fly) - Phil Taylor (Director of the ARC Centre for Fruit Fly Biosecurity Innovation and Director of Applied BioSciences at Macquarie University)
  • SIT in Western Australia (Mediterranean fruit fly) - Sonya Broughton (Chief Plant Biosecurity Officer for Western Australia) & Darryl Hardie (Senior Entomologist at Western Australia’s Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development)
  • General question and answer session


Visit the National Fruit Fly Council website for webinar details.