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Biosecurity Pathways and Surveillance Strategy workshop

On 2–3 April 2019, industry and government representatives met in Brisbane for a Biosecurity Pathways and Surveillance Strategy workshop.

Participants gained a greater understanding of the biosecurity risks posed by the range of routes via which pests can get into and travel through northern Australia..
For surveillance to be effective and efficient there must be a strong understanding of which pests should be targeted for surveillance, and the pathways along which they are likely to be found.
Participants in the workshop discussed the surveillance activities that are already occurring within many plant production industries and how the information gained from these activities can be better used to minimise the risk of exotic pests and pathogens becoming established in Australia. The workshop also focused on the establishment of a collaborative surveillance strategy for northern plant-based industries.
This Brisbane workshop will be followed up with several further workshops across northern Australia, including one in Cairns on 1 May and another in Darwin on 9 May. If you would like to participate, please contact Trevor Dunmall at PHA on 0400 808 689 or email