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Career spotlight – Danielle Wiseman

This month we shine the spotlight on Danielle Wiseman, IPMG Coordinator at Industry Plantation Management Group, Bunbury WA.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

On a good day I will be out on a plantation establishing or measuring a trial.  On a bad day I will be in the office getting reports and other administrative work done.

How long have you worked in this area?

I have worked in forestry for around 20 years.

How did you find yourself in this career?

I studied environmental science but had an opportunity to do an honors project in hoop pine.  I was hooked and absolutely love working in forestry.  I have always loved trees and forests so it's great I get to spend so much time in and around them.

What roles have you held previously?

I have worked in forestry research in some pretty diverse locations from eucalypts in Tasmania to Indian Sandalwood in Kununurra.  I also spent time working as a native forest silviculturist and manager for ecosystem health for national parks.

What is your most memorable career achievement?

Completing my PhD while working full time and looking after two children was a pretty big achievement.

What advice would you give to others starting/changing their career?

Definitely consider forestry if you like the outdoors and seeing the countryside.  You get to work with a lot of really great people and it’s a lot more fun than being stuck in an office.

(29) Danielle Wiseman | LinkedIn