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Detecting disease outbreaks early — your feedback required

Survey closes 31 July.

Shared from the Slice, the Australian Mango Industry Association newsletter (available here)

A new project is investigating factors that influence farmer-decision making when disease is suspected on a farm, specifically relating to the role of trust.

The aim is to understand the role of trust and how it can help facilitate early detection of disease, rapid response, and minimise impacts on business.

The views of all plant, livestock, and aquaculture farm owners, managers and health managers are being sought in a short, anonymous survey that closes soon. Multiple responses from within a business are welcome.

The questions focus on trust in the context of a hypothetical disease outbreak. It should take 10-20 minutes to complete at the most.

All data collected will be anonymous and aggregated at a national level. Data will not be collected on a sector or state level.

Keen to participate? Click the following link to do the survey: