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Registrations now open for the Annual Surveillance Workshop 2020

A virtual workshop to be held on 9-10 December 2020 to replace the face to face event scheduled for April 2020 but was postponed due to COVID-19.

The fourth Annual Surveillance Workshop (ASW) for members of the Plant Surveillance Network Australasia-Pacific (PSNAP) will be held virtually on 9 and 10 December 2020.

The ASW is a forum for people involved in plant health surveillance to come together to make/build relationships and share their experiences. Participants come from all areas of surveillance including government organisations, plant industries, private-sector consultants, universities and other organisations. Usually held face to face, the ASW2020 will be delivered virtually to ensure members can attend the workshop. The ASW will allow participants to learn about the plant health surveillance system, share knowledge and find out what others working in plant health surveillance roles are doing and experiencing in their jobs.

Workshop details

Date:                   9-10 December 2020

Location:           Webinar

Theme:               In line with the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH), the workshop theme is ‘International, Regional, National and Local Surveillance – where do you fit?’ The workshop will improve the ability of attendees to deliver plant pest surveillance activities to support plant biosecurity.


*Times reflected are Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).

The program

  1. Invited speakers and member talks related to international, regional, national and local surveillance
    Presentations from different perspectives on what makes up plant health surveillance to support plant biosecurity. Sessions will include early warning surveillance, border surveillance, state and territory government surveillance, industry surveillance, trade and market access surveillance, and communication and advocacy. The aim is to help attendees to better understand the system they work in, issues and challenges faced every day and how to improve continuity and collaboration across the spectrum.
  2. Interactive workshop sessions
    Each day will have an interactive session for participants to contribute to:

    • Day 1 – ‘Your Plant Surveillance Network’ a session on networking to build stronger surveillance capability. Participants will be able to provide input into the path forward for the PSNAP and future events.
    • Day 2 – ‘Introduction and application of National Surveillance Protocols’. Participants will be given an introduction to the purpose, structure and use of the new National Surveillance Protocols and given the opportunity to tests the protocols.
  3. Professional development opportunities
    Participants will learn about the professional development opportunities for PSNAP members available now or coming in 2021.
  4. National plant health surveillance updates
    Information will be provided on a variety of national programs and initiative including the Subcommittee on National Plant Health Surveillance (SNPHS) and the review of the National Plant Biosecurity Surveillance Strategy.


Who should attend?

The ASW2020 is open to all PSNAP members at all career stages to attend. In particular, organisers would like to encourage early or mid-career members to attend as an objective of this workshop is to support succession planning and build capability.

How to register?

The ASW is only open to PSNAP members. Numbers will not be limited for the virtual format. Those scheduled to attend the face to face meeting in April 2020 will need to re-register. These members will also be notified of this via email.

Login to the PSNAP members portal and go to the ASW2020 information in 'Events' to register.

Not a member? 

You can become a member of the PSNAP by clicking Join completing the form.

Contact information

For further information on the ASW2020 please contact the PSNAP Coordinator, Natalie O’Donnell, on 02 6215 7732 or