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Analysis of Plant Pest Preparedness Capability

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This analysis examines the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (departmental) and national preparedness arrangements for exotic plant pest incursions and identifies areas where improvements could be made.

The department has already identified a number of areas for improvement to the current system, and has initiated work to address these areas. These initiatives are acknowledged in the report and some comments are made.
The findings of the report are presented under three themes, Prevention, Early Detection and Response.
Under Prevention, the report examines how approaching threats are identified and Australia’s import conditions are managed to reflect the identified pest risks.
Under Early Detection, the current pest surveillance and diagnostic systems are examined, including impediments to early pest reporting.
Finally, under Response, the report looks at the continued use of Contingency Plans, the arrangements for managing responses on land under Commonwealth control, managing pests that predominantly impact on the environment and the arrangements for managing pest detections in northern Australia.

Author(s): Rob Schwartz Consulting

Published: 1 October, 2015

Date added: 20 March, 2024