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Annual Surveillance Workshop 2018 Report

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The Annual Surveillance Workshop 2018 was held 19-21 March 2018 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, South Australia.

The workshop provided professional development for attending, contributing to the strengthening of the existing, nationally integrated surveillance network.
ASW2018 was used as a forum to gather information on network initiatives from a range of surveillance practitioners and decision makers in government and industry, including representatives from New Zealand. The workshop provided an opportunity for input on:

1. Key elements to be included in the Plant Surveillance Network Asia Pacific (PSNAP) website, to be used by surveillance practitioners.

2. The template for National Surveillance Protocols (NSP). The template was tested by attendees using the following species as case studies:

  • Asian gypsy moth
  • brown marmorated stink bug
  • citrus canker
  • fire blight
  • huanglongbing with Asian citrus psyllid
  • Japanese pine sawyer beetle
  • Khapra beetle
  • Pierce’s disease
  • spotted wing drosophila
  • sudden oak death
  • tramp ants
  • vegetable leafminer

3. The direction of the network into the future.

The workshop also included a joint session with the Annual Diagnostics Workshop to discuss how surveillance practitioners and diagnosticians can collaborate and improve surveillance and diagnostic outcomes.


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Published: 19 June, 2024

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