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Annual Surveillance Workshop 2020 presentations

The Annual Surveillance Workshop (ASW) 2020 was held virtually on 9 and 10 December 2020 for members of the Plant Surveillance Network Australasia-Pacific (PSNAP).

Over 125 members attended the virtual workshop. Attendees represented 26 organisations, covering all jurisdictions, the Australian Government, New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries, government representatives from Fiji and Timor Leste, Plant Health Australia (PHA), the CSIRO, and multiple private companies, industry bodies, universities and Research and Development Corporations.

This event has strengthened the PSNAP by sharing details about current surveillance programs and experiences across the continuum.

The workshop report will be uploaded to this page when available.


Day 1

Wednesday 9 December 2020

Welcome and introductions

Introduction to the surveillance continuum

  • National and international ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­– Susie Collins, DAWE (video link)
  • State and operational – Louise Rossiter, NSW DPI (video link)

International and Regional Surveillance Session

Session facilitator – Chris Dale, DAWE (video link)

  • International Plant Health Surveillance Program – Australia’s early warning program for current and emerging regional biosecurity pest risks – Chris Dale, DAWE (video link)
  • Where Plant Health Surveillance fits in the Biosecurity System ­ Rory McLellan, NZ MPI (video link)
  • Surveillance and studies for endemic and exotic virus diseases in Timor-Leste and northern Australia – Murray Sharman, DAF QLD (video link)
  • Q&A session one (video link)

Update from Subcommittee on National Plant Health Surveillance Chair – Louise Rossiter, NSW DPI (video link)

National Surveillance Session

Session facilitator – Laura Fagan, DPIRD (video link)

  • More than 20 years of success: Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy surveillance supporting the response to exotic pest fruit fly incursions in the Torres Strait – David Britton, DAWE (video link)
  • National Border Surveillance: Success in protecting Australia’s borders – Brittany Hyder, DAWE (video link)
  • Towards sustainable post-border surveillance programs – Paco Tovar, PHA (video link)
  • Q&A session two (video link)

National Plant Biosecurity Surveillance Strategy review update – Jonathan Terlich, PHA (video link)

Plant Surveillance Network Australasia-Pacific update – Natalie O’Donnell, PHA (video link)

Workshop session: Your Plant Surveillance Network (video link to session report back)

Day 1 close


Day 2

Thursday 10 December 2020

Day 2 welcome (video link)

Local Surveillance Session

Session facilitator: David Hubbard, PIRSA (video link)

  • CropSafe – Victoria’s grains surveillance program – Luise Fanning, AgVic (video link)
  • Can urban gardeners contribute to General Surveillance to complement targeted surveillance activities for biosecurity in Australia? – Kellyanne Harris, AgVic (video link)
  • NT Farmers and the initiatives around Asian Vegetable Growers – Simone Cameron, NT Farmers (video link)
  • iMapPESTS: aiming for the sky in cross-industry plant pest surveillance initiative – Shakira Johnson, AUSVEG (video link)
  • The use of surveillance data capture and storage systems to support innovative approaches to sentinel surveillance in botanic gardens – David Gale, PHA (video link)
  • Q&A session three (video link)

Surveillance in Trade and Market Access Session

Session facilitator: Sharyn Taylor, PHA (video link)

  • Surveillance to support trade and market access – Janine O’Donnell, SDQMA representative for NSW DPI (video link)
  • Industry Biosecurity and a Shared Responsibility – John McDonald, GIA (video link)
  • Enhancing surveillance with on farm monitoring – Jeff Milne, Citrus Australia (video link)
  • MyPestGuide™ learning about overseas surveillance information – Laura Fagan, DPIRD (video link to be added)
  • Strengthening general surveillance through systems thinking – Heleen Kruger, DAWE (video link)
  • Q&A session four (video link)

Surveillance data standards project update – Mark Stanaway, DAWE (video link)

Introduction to National Surveillance Protocols – Bernie Wittwer, DAWE (video link)

Workshop session: Introduction and application of National Surveillance Protocols (Video link to session report back)

Workshop evaluation and wrap up – Natalie O’Donnell, PHA

Workshop close


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Published: 19 June, 2024

Date added: 24 February, 2024