CitrusWatch is a national program that aims to ensure that the Australian citrus industry remains free of harmful high priority pests, retains access to key markets through access to robust surveillance data, and has the surveillance mechanisms and expertise in place to quickly detect, High Priority Pests.

This course is targeted at those doing surveillance in southern Australia. Information regarding seasonal considerations and data on extoic citrus psyllid activity is relevant to southern Australia and will differ from the northern citrus growing regions.

What you’ll learn

This course aims to upskill early Detector Network volunteers located in the southern regions of Australia in exotic citrus pest trapping and identification of harmful species.

Course content

  • Module 1: Surveying for exotic citrus psyllids
  • Module 2: Identification of exotic citrus psyllids.

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Published: 19 June, 2024

Date added: 8 December, 2024