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CropScout App

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MyPestGuide CropScout is an application designed to assist growers, consultants and other field technicians apply spray thresholds for pests in crops.

CropScout has integrated sequential sampling methods to reduce the number of plant inspections needed to assess crop pests relative to spray thresholds. The canola aphid module is the first, with others in development.

The crop scouting app works even outside of mobile or WiFi range and can be synced with your personal account when within range. Although mapped results can only be viewed on a mobile phone within range, the results are recorded for viewing later when within range elsewhere either via the mobile phone interface or by computer online through your personal MyPestGuide account. Survey results cannot be viewed by others unless indicated within your account. Crop scouting results can also be exported to an email account and viewed within Microsoft Excel.

The canola aphid (winter/spring) module is the first in a series of pest modules to be developed in MyPestGuide CropScout.

MyPestGuide CropScout is part of the Boosting Grains Research and Development project, supported by Royalties for Regions.

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Author(s): DPIRD

Published: 21 July, 2024

Date added: 13 May, 2024