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MyPestGuide Grapes

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Growers and the general community can now use their smartphone and tablet devices to identify and report pests and diseases in their grapevines.

MyPestGuide Grapes is part of the MyPestGuide family of easy to use mobile applications, developed by DPIRD. They have been developed to support industry and the community to defend Western Australia’s agriculture industries and the natural environment from unusual or suspected exotic pests and diseases.

The information gathered through MyPestGuide will be used to infer WA’s freedom from pests and diseases in order to maintain access to markets. In addition, users help to maintain Australia’s pest-free status, support farm biosecurity and become participants in a new monitoring and surveillance community.

Reports are made using MyPestGuide Reporter. This can be launched from within MyPestGuide Grapes or independently. Reports can also be made on-line and viewed on a map via the MyPestGuide website. An on-line version of MyPestGuide Grapes is also available (not compatible with Internet Explorer 11, use Chrome, Firefox or Edge).

Author(s): DPIRD

Published: 15 April, 2024

Date added: 13 May, 2024