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National Forest Biosecurity Surveillance Strategy

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The National Forest Biosecurity Surveillance Strategy has been designed to complement and address aspects of the National Plant Biosecurity Strategy, the National Plant Biosecurity Surveillance Strategy and the National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Strategy for the forest biosecurity sector.

The NFBSS provides a vision towards the establishment of a coordinated National Forest Pest Surveillance Program.
The three overarching objectives of the NFBSS are to:

  1. Improve forest pest surveillance coordination, capacity and capability across stakeholders.
  2. Maximise resource efficiency through stakeholder partnerships.
  3. Optimise forest surveillance efforts across the biosecurity continuum using a risk-based approach.

A series of goals and actions with defined outcomes are described to enable stakeholders to successfully establish a National Forest Pest Surveillance Program over 5 years.

Author(s): Forest Biosecurity Surveillance Strategy Working Group and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Published: 31 January, 2018

Date added: 20 March, 2024