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National Fruit Fly Strategy Implementation Plan

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While no additional funding has been committed to the NFFS, the implementation plan for 2020–21 collates key fruit fly activities that have already been planned and resourced by stakeholders against priority areas. The Council will use this implementation plan to monitor progress against the NFFS and identify gaps that need to be addressed in the national system, advising stakeholders and decision-makers on key findings.

The implementation plan acknowledges the considerable and ongoing contribution by many different stakeholders to fruit fly management in Australia. Importantly, it provides an opportunity to collectively consider potential gaps to be addressed in this system as guided by a SWOT analysis, the Intergovernmental Agreement on Strengthening Australia’s Fruit Fly Management System, and the 2015 National Fruit Fly Research, Development and Extension Plan.

The Council will also prepare a formal report against each annual implementation plan and will use this as a basis to review progress against the NFFS Strategic Framework and to identify priorities for the financial year ahead.

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Author(s): National Fruit Fly Council

Published: 21 July, 2024

Date added: 13 May, 2024