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NSW State of Biosecurity Report 2017

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The inaugural NSW State of Biosecurity Report 2017 is an assessment of the status of biosecurity in NSW and highlights progress in achieving the objectives of the NSW Biosecurity Strategy (2013-2021).

This report uses the NSW Biosecurity Strategy (2013-2021) and its goals as its overarching framework. The strategy guides biosecurity management in NSW and is regarded as a significant achievement.
It provides a narrative of the work being conducted in NSW, reviews future trends and promotes recommendations for ongoing biosecurity performance measurement.
In this first NSW State of Biosecurity Report, the focus is on developing a ‘baseline’ set of indicators and providing an assessment where data is available and robust. The report identifies areas where adequate data sets are not currently available, but could enhance future reporting.

Author(s): NSW Department of Primary Industries on behalf of the NSW Biosecurity Advisory Committee

Published: 1 December, 2017

Date added: 21 March, 2024